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Vehicles Sold Recently

Bruno Jr Bedard

2015 Ford F-150

Congratulations, Bruno, on your new RAM 1500.

We are happy to help you obtain your car loan at the lowest interest rate!

We have over 200 vehicles guaranteed and ready to go on the same day of your visit.

Eric Carpentier Morin

2018 Kia Forte LX+

Thanks to his credit analyst, Eric got quickly behind the wheel of a superb Kia Forte.

Congratulations and have a safe trip! 👍 😁

2nd and 3rd chance credit is our business!

Ricardo St Jea

2017 Kia Sportage EX AW

Trust us like Ricardo! The 2nd and 3rd chance credit is our job, and we’re pretty good at it! 👍

We have more than 200 recent and guaranteed vehicles like this SUV, and they are all ready to leave on the same day.

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